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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 8, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PST

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so get this. scientist? utah identified a dinosaur that no one knew existed until now. it is the oldest one in north america. a distant relative of t- rex. >> he will eat anything he wants. >> have a great day, folks. bill and allyson are up now. >> it is a down saur. >> fox news alert. he said he's sorry but is that enough? here's what the president had to say about keeping your plan compared to the past. >> i regret very much what we intended to do, to make sure that everybody is moving into better plans because they want them as opposed because they are forced into it, that we weren't as clear as we needed to be. im sorry that they are finding
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themselves in the situation based on assurance gotten from me. if you had one of these plans before the affordable care act came into law and you really like that plan, what we saw was you could cope it. if it hasn't changed since the law has passed. if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan, period. >> if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. >> there is a refresher course. welcome to hq. i am alisyn camerota. >> and i am bill hemmer. the president is expected to speak in new orleans but don't expect much on obama care. wendall what is expected. >> reporter: bill, the president travelled to new orleans to talk about the economy and show case and make american ports more competitive and handle the biggest container
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cargo ships to boost with exports and help with the economic recovery. he was joined in the andrews air force base with mary landrieu. she wanted to talk to him about a insurance company informing and tell them what is better. it is an effort to address the failed promise. it may not be enough for congressional republicans. senate minority mitch mcconnell to support legislation to allow americans to do what americans were promised in the first place. cope the plan they have and like. it is not clear if the federal government will order the plans. california cut a deal with blue cross to give 115,000 people to
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have three months to find new coverage. the president is looking for administrative solutions for the problem. >> my team, to see what can we do to close some of the holes and gaps in the law because my intention is to lift up and make sure the insurance that people buy is effective, that it is actually going to deliver what they think they are purchasing. >> reporter: the president's aides said millions of the people would qualify for medicaid and many others qualify for health insurance subsidies and they can find that out for themselves if the website was working better, bill. >> there is that. wendall, thank you and leading your coverage this hour. now that the president apologized for the millions of americans getting cancellations notices, what happens next.
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bob cusack joins us now. >> hi, alisyn. >> did that apology go far enough to quiet the president's critics. sfshgs it is phase one of the new strategy. ha's no longer blaming the insurance companies to work with to make obama care work? is this a story line absolutely, the republicans are doing as mitch mckunle said. you like your health care plan you get to keep it. >> right senator johnson came up with the proposal of keeping your coverage. how do you force private insurers not to cancel your plans? >> that is going to be the rub. from a policy perspective, there is an argument against the legislation. but politically it is hard to oppose the bill and house republicans are planning to have their version of the bill on the house floor. that will put vulnerable
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democrats and red state democrats that are up for reelection back the bill, they know politically it is impossible not to support it. the insurance companies are not going to like this. but what are they going to do here? this bill could pass and what will the white house do? threaten a veto of the legislation. that's where the story i think will go next. >> why would they veto when it allows the president to make good on the promise. >> one of the things that the administration said before the apology these plans are no good and maybe they will give better plans. obviously it will be more expensive and that is the uproar with millions of people probably getting new plans but will have to pay more. >> they have themselves between a rock and a hard place. republicans blasting the president's comments.
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speaker john boehner with this quote. an apology is in order but the americans want to hear that the president will keep his promise. that's why the house will vote next week to allow anyone with a health care plan they like to keep it. if the president is sorry he misled the american people, the very least he can do is support this bipartisan effort. otherwise it doesn't amount to anything. we heard the mike lee to sound off. >> it is refreshing that the president acknowledged it is a problem and he made promises that people relied on to their detriment. he was not telling us the truth. meanwhile, a republican and a democrat teaming up on a bill that would delay obama care's individual man date. illinois senator mark kirk and west virginia senator joe manchin are sponsoring a one
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year delay. both say the health exchanges are not ready and making senate 14 a transition year understanding give congress time to fix the law. >> it is it a interesting week based on what they do. republican senators sending letters to demanding they fire cathlone sebelius now. that was spearheaded by senator pat roberts from kansas saying it is time for sebelius to get the boot over the lack of actability and the poor management with the problems with the website. last week sebelius spurned calls from the republicans saying those asking her to resign are people i don't work for. she later cleared that up a bit. the republican phase for obama care, she has one person in the corner. her is sebelius' boss the president. >> i think kathleen sebelius under the tremendously d. circumstances over the last four
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and half years has done a great job in setting up the insurance markets so that there is a good product for people to get. sebelius doesn't write code and the it person. >> and the president said the buck stops with me and his team and job to fix it. >> we played that for you. we want to know from you. >> what did you think of the president's apology? >> it is our twitter question send me at bill hemmer >> and to me at alisyn camerota. and a show down in congress over minimum wage. democratsy getting back-to-back the minimum wage to $10 an hour. oppons say that would be bad for small businesses. >> and hi, alisyn.
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the white house chief after the accident conmist came to meet behind closed doors to deliver a message that the president wants the national minimum wage bumped up to over $10 an hour and has backing with the democrats. dick durbin all it long over due and a message to working families drug length paycheck to paycheck that we can help. many businesses forean escalation on the minimum wage especially those who heavyy on minimum wage workers. they stipulate pay increases that are based on the minimum wage. >> they have almost increases or riders that whenever the minimum wage law was changed the wage rate goes up by $0.50 or some cases more.
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>> in his state of the union speech he said it was fair. >> even with the tax relief a family with two kids earning minimum wage lives below the poverty line. that is wrong. >> but most minimum wage jobs are not held by heads of households but young single workers and given that unemployment mong the teenagers is 22 percent many businesses will reduce staffing and increasing unemployment again among the young. alisyn. >> always the unintended consequences. >> 22 percent too high. nspeaking of jobs, president obama will speak on the economy. and the jones report for october is now out and there are serious questions about the impact of obama care on the u.s. economy. we'll break that down for you. >> one subbush an town is
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dealing with an angry swarm terrorizing the neighborhood. >> and the alleged victim of the nfl detailing explosive claims made by the time mates and what he said forced him from the team. >> as we are all aware, there is a lot of information out there and we know that the nfl coming down here to conduct a review. any comment we make at this time would be a disservice to the process that is about to take place. [ coughs, sneezes ] i have a big meeting when we land, but i am so stuffed up, i can't rest. [ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't? alka seltzer plus night fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a decongestant. [ inhales deeply ] oh. what a relief it is.
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fox news alert. president obama set to deliver remarks on the economy moments from now in new orleans. the unemployment rate is rising earlier today to 7.3 percent. that is higher and uncertainty over obama care's long- term impact. melissa francis host of melissa on the fox business network. how are you money? nice to so you. >> fantastic.
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i am wearing money grown. >> you have the colors on. 204,000 jobs added in the month or week or when? >> so this was for the past month. >> is that good? >> it is a good number compared to what have been seeing. in past recovery we have seen throw hundred or 400,000 jobs in a month. our average is 146,000 and so 202,000 jobs looks pretty good. it doesn't look good to the people watching us that need a job, but on a comparative basis it is something and better than what you would expect. >> the obama care quagmire. can you say that that is one of the reasons that the hiring is not more robust? >> i think we have all talked to member who has a business. i was talking to a guy who owns
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a software company and provides health insurance because they are full- time workers. that is something you have to do. premiums went up 15 percent. and he was told to go on the obama care website for small businesses and they are going through the exact same problems that individuals are seeing. you create user names and he would like to expand and hire more people. he can't do that because he doesn't know the costs. there are reports in the papers and look at restaurants that want to open another location. a lot of people just on hold because they are seeing the cost go up for sure. >> it is an amazing thing how indecision in washington, can really be a drag on the economy. >> it can. and you know, it is some ceo's will tell you you got to keep running the business no matter what is going on around you. that is easier for larger companies. but every penny counts and
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anyone in business for themselves knows every penny counts and they got to figure this out before they have more money. >> they don't know what is going on behind door number two. all of this is leading to more people being discouraged. >> yeah, that was the biggest thing to stand out about the employment report. the number of people totally discouraged and detached and they are not employed and not working and have begin up. that number rose to a 35 year high and 40 percent of the population. i mean, it is a huge number and 38.something percent of the people who are not looking and not employed and not an economically productive part of this economy and that hurts the whole economy and hurts all of and you say hurts gdp and hurts consumer spending and everything about that number is bad. >> 35 years, yeah. >> march of 1978. >> and yeah, you think of what is going on in 78.
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it was the same situation now economically in terms of theun employment number and it is staggering. >> melissa, thank you. none of these days we'll come back with good news. i promise i will find it and come back. >> look at her, she's so money. so you later. meanwhile a swarm of bees creating a dangerous situation in vegas. they found an 18 wheeler carrying a load of bees sprung a loc and the bees were agitated and escaped. officials had to keep students inside one elementary school and neighborhood closed. >> they came out and said all of the people south of kerry can't deputy. and the north of kerry can leave. >> so a bee keeper was called to save as many of the bees as possible. but ultimately the fire
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department had to use foam. >> we need the bees. >> don't always like them but need them. the family of the woman killed in the navy yard is suing the navy. >> and drama unfolding in a utah courtroom. closing arguments in the case of the doctor accused of manufacturing his wife to be his mistress. >> most of our thoughts are to our future and to get you back in my life and i love and miss you every minute. il...or crea? definitely cream. [ male announcer ] never made wi hydrogenated oil. oh, yeah. [ male announcer ] always made with real cream. the sound of reddi wip is the sound of joy.
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the family of one of the victims killed in the navy yard shooting is filing a claim against the family.
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the family of mary knight said the government missed flags about the deteriorating health of the shooter and asking for $38 million. alexis went on a rampage and killed 12 people before being gunned down by police. alexis was a computer technician for a navy contractor. he left behind a note stating he thought he was controlled by radio waves. closing arguments in a stunning case of murder mystery and possible mistress. the doctor o'neill accused of killing his wife in order to continue an affair with another woman. the mistress has been on the stand and adam housely is watching it on the west coast. what happened today. >> reporter: you are talking to me, the prosecutions rested and the defense started their case in closing arguments and they said moments ago, the defense attorney telling the jury that
10:24 am
martin mcneal did not kill his wife. it made no sense. that is a different case than the prosecutor made in closing arguments saying that there was a mountain of circumstantial evidence and photos of mcneal's dead wife on the left and his mistress on the right the prosecutor said he moved her in the house three weeks after his wife died. and gypsy filed out an application where they claimed to be married and noted the day they were wed. >> marital status dates that they chose to put on the application was april 14th, 2007. that's the date that michelle was buried. three days after her death. ladies and gentlemen, that is nothing short of an admission of guilt. >> reporter: mcneal's daughter
10:25 am
who testified against her father was described and martin mcneal looked pensive as the attorney explained the theory of mcneal overloading his wife with pain killers and plastic surge row and placed her in a bath tub fully clothed and held her under water. take a listen. >> it is time for the truth to come out and do the right thing. do the right thing and convict martin mcneal of murder and obstruction justice. >> reporter: very dramatic testimony and closing statements by the prosecution. and bill, as we are talking in the report. there are updates in the courtroom. the defense is going over the burden of proof to the jury and trying to knock out the circumstantial evidence which is a mountain and should be enough to get him convicted of murder. >> thanks. dramatic develop wants in
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the nuclear stand off with iran. israel is sounding the alarm. >> in a big way, too. david ortiz for mayor. he was the mvp in the world series in a race for city hall. the president is willing to close some holes in the health care law. how do both parties react as they turn their attention to the midterm. >> the president now is toxic. it is call would obama care, there is no running away from it. it has his name on it. you see the president and you think about the policy and you know it is it a disaster. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs?
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you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™.
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quick check of the head lines, secretary of state john kerry arrived in geneva with nuclear talks with iran. strongest sign that a deal may be reached. israel utterly rejects the emerging deal that allows iran to get off of the hook. one of the strongest storms in philippines killing four people and forcing hundreds of thousands away from their home. philippines is avoiding a major sdaefrt because it is moving so quickly. david ortiz did not finish third in the race for mayor.
10:31 am
he was not officially on the ball on the. he could have won though. if rob ford could be mayor of toronto david ortiz could be mayor. >> you know, somewhere there is a park down the river for you and everybody. >> i know it. i have assigned my team to see what we can do to close the holes and gaps in the law, because you know, my intention is to lift up that it is effective it is nulle going to deliver what they think they are purchasing. >> with the acknowledgment of a broken promise and the president wants to make a fix for what is wrong. no details. which party bin fits the most as the attention tourn
10:32 am
turns to the midyear. gentlemen, thank you for being here. nchris, what happens next now that the president has apologized, does that help his poll numbers and helping democrats now? >> i think you know, a day late and dollar short is the phase that comes to mind and if you look closely, it is important to look closely at the way and what the president said. i am not sure for what he apologized. it was not for everyone losing the insurance and it was not for not telling the truth 30 or 40 times to the american people. it was a vague nonapology apology. and the question i would have ask if i were chuck todd. if you don't like obama care, do you have to keep it? >> i think those questions are going to come. >> i think today or a week. what do you make of this?
10:33 am
>> it sounds like chris wants the president to apologize for not apologizing enough. somehow his apology was not as clear as chris would not. >> no, mark, it was good enough for you? >> it was good enough for me. look, i think the president acknowledged. he absolutely acknowledged that based on his assurances people are in an unfortunate situation. we are talking about a minority of a minority of people with health insurance. we are talking about individuals. >> yeah. but, come on. >> but mark, the numbers are not what got people upset, it is the credibility of the president. >> and were there things he was told and assurances that he made and turned out to be wrong? absolutely. did he take accountability for that as a good leader does. absolutely he did that
10:34 am
yesterday. 97 percent of the americans health care situation improving or staying the same. >> never said that. >> never said that, mark. >> he said, bill, let me tell you what he did. five percent of the people who are in this individual insurance market, many of them will continue to keep their insurance and most who lose their insurance. >> he never said that. come on. mark you know and i and know it and everybody watching it knows it. >> look at the clip, bill. >> i think the counter points are wearing very thin for the american people. dismissing 15 or 17 million people as a minority with the minority. and the employer man date kicks in. you will see millions more. and which is why they decideed to delay the employer man date. if it all happens at once it would crash to the ground and this thing would be over.
10:35 am
the president didn't take responsibility. sounded of sort of like he d. read the transcript and what he said, it was well short of a apology for misleading. not just 15 million people. he misled all of us and it was deliberate. >> the midterm political fallout and the republicans in congress who have been standing for absolutely nothing, just simply standing against obama care are at odds with the majority of the american people who want to see the roll out suck sowed. >> really? >> even if they didn't like obama care at first. >> really? >> the republicans are encouraging young americans to optout. i don't know how responsible that is. >> gentlemen, we have to go. >> it is not. 270 million americans were happy with what they and we had to destroy the health care system to save if? >> mark, tell that to the
10:36 am
democrats in the white house for a two hour meeting. this midterm will be hot. mark and chris, we'll bring you back. >> thanks, guys. in my research in the archives was one of the few presidents to be given access to the magic bullet of the cloth. >> ford wrote a detailed analysis on his own time and spoke to fox news about his findings. >> i submitted my report to janet reno. >> she took it and kicked it to the fbi. >> you will see it over the weekend. >> it is 50 years since the darkest days of the american history, the assassination of john f. kennedy. our investigation centers on whether or not the doubters can prove it. >> one of those people in the clip, a former justice department attorney who
10:37 am
investigated the kennedy assassination and good day to you in atlanta, georgia. >> good afternoon to you. >> a lot of people don't know, you are one of the few private individuals that was given exclusive access to all of the evidence in the national archive ands what were you seeing and looking for? >> based on a preliminary report i submitted to the archives that they brought in my request. the magic bullet and president's bloody shirt and coat and tie and, the bulleting forments in the limousine and examined and photographed all of the documents and evident that i requested. >> in that capacity. you file a report with janet reno, and as we saw in the report right there, that it was then given to the fbi. what did you conclude about what happened at that moment in the plaza. >> there were four shots fired
10:38 am
and throw fired by lee harvey oswald. first second and fourth. and the third shot far beyond oswalt hit the very center of the back of the president's head at 100 yards and was the fatal head shot and went on to penetrate governor conly's right wrist. >> you think a second gun men from a different part of the plaza killed the president and took part. >> i believe i proved. it i don't call a theory. it is analysis and proof beyond a reasonable doubt. fox news viewers can read it on the website. >> you can make your case for viewers and they will decide on their own. thank you john orr. fox news reporting 50 years of questions that the jfk assassination areas here on the fox news channel. we have breaking news.
10:39 am
>> we'll bring everyone to new orleans where the president is speaking about the economy and jobs. >> we have a lot more work to do. what we should start doing, the first thing we should do, is stop doing things that undermine our businesses and our economy over the past few years, this constant cycle of manufactured crisis and self inflected wounds that are coming out of washington. for example, we learn the yesterday that our economy grow at its fastest pace in a year. that's the good news. the bad news is, that the very day the economic quarter ended, some folks in washington decided to shut down the government and threatened to default on america's obligation for the first time in more than 200 years. the givers of our economy, and every time they are about to take off, member taps the brakes and said not so fast.
10:40 am
now, you know, our businesses are resilient and we have great workers and so as a consequence, we added 200,000 new jobs last month. and there is no question that the shutdown hurt our job's market. unemployment rate still ticked up. and we yet know all of the data for the final quarter of the year, it could be down because of what happened in washington. that makes no sense. the self inflected wounds don't have to happen and should not happen again. we should not injure ourselves every few months but investing and building and not tearing things down. >> the president obama there, giving a speech in new orleans at the navy yard. we'll hear more from him. if you would like to watch the president uninterrupted it is
10:41 am
treming live. >> bureau of labor statistics and a woman named erin, said there were no discernible of the impact on the partial government shutdown on estimates and earnings and factor that in here as we measure the argument. 7.3 percent higher. >> he's also at the port in new orleans. neenl the nfl is in the spotlight for behavior behind closed doors in the locker room. >> a reporter in miami is watching the case involving the miami dolphins and the possible legal fallout for either of these gentlemen or the miami dolphins or possibly the league itself? .
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>> a lot of economic news in the day. we mentioned the survey
10:45 am
and the partial government impact had no imsxakt with regard to households, some of the estimates clearly reflect a impact of the partial government shutdown. we'll make sure we are accurate on ha and difference in employers and households from a moment ago. what is happening? >> we'll check in with gretchen charleson. >> happy friday. why is twitter blocking the website for post cancellation letters? the woman joins me with a story here and the pres good enough to hitch a ride with on air force one and senator landriuditching the speech. plus, too fat to fly. a 500 man got here in the u.s., but can't get home. we'll tell you why in the top of the hour. >> thank you, gretchen. >> new allegations in the nfl
10:46 am
scandal. johnathon martin releasing a statement saying that his client suffered harrassment and not just one player, but for the entire season and half he was with the dolphins, he attempted to befriend the same time mates that subjected him to abuse with the hope that doing so would end the harrassment. >> we have gentlemen here. adam, let me start with you. attorney released a statement saying not just emotional but physical abuse that johnathon martin abused. >> this upped the a nte. many of the allegations were anonymous sources and sources close to all of that. this is game on, and on the record. hey, this is above and beyond locker rom pranks.
10:47 am
it was emotional and physical abuse and a stunning quote to go with it. it is the first time we had detailed on the record accounts of what happened. >> by the same token we hear from a former teammate of theirs. he wrote an article for sports illustrated and said that johnathon martin was stand offish and not a time player and couldn't look anyone in the eye. have you heard news reports like that or first time you heard testimonials by him? >> there is no doubt that there was a schism in the looker room. they are nearly 100 percent behind richey ignitto. they didn't think he was bullying. and he was one of his best friends and treated him no different. and this is what the nfls. and whether it was the culture
10:48 am
or incognito singled out martin. mark, how are you and good afternoon to you? >> i am wonderful. >> talk about the legal potential here, whether it is the team or just individuals. what do you have to determine and what do you have to figure out? >> >> the best lawsuit that he would possibly have is that the dolphins are responsible for creating a potentially hostile work environment and whether he can prove that or not hinges on the problem he has to show what the players do and the coaches and the executives and what if anything they did about the alleged physical and emotional abuse he's coming forward with. >> mark, is there any way that he is in trouble. johnathon martin is in trouble for loving the team and breaking the contract. it was an escape plan and wanted
10:49 am
to get away from the team or football in general. that's what they will levy on the other side. >> mark, what do you have to figure out here? you have to figure out whether or not he went to the coach or gm or anybody? they reach out to anyone? what is the cupability or liability on behalf of the team? >> they all bear responsibility. he has the burden of proving that there was a hostile work environment. the other side is going to say you didn't let us know about. this how can we do this? the dolphins suggest it didn't happen or rogue bullying by one of their employees and they didn't know about it, there wouldn't be a lawsuit. >> how do you determine if there was a physical assault when it is looker room stuff and these guys are physical and running and knocking heads all of the time? >> and taking the towel and
10:50 am
twirling it around and smacking it. or maybe that just happen to me. it is it his burden of proof. he has to show it. it is very difficult to do. and now he's burden of proof. now he is coming out and alleging it. he has the burden of proof. what is helping him is he has significant phone messages that he claims is going to show that he has merit. >> i heard reports of that earlier today. it wasgraphic. thank you. >> bill, it was it was as shocking as when i learned your true age actually. >> and that is a stunner. >> thank you for reporting that as well. >> thank you great to see you. >> teachers are gearing up for a fight in the supreme court. >> and a class project that takes a lot of plenty of dry clothing. >> really, look at those guys. what is that?
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♪ it's aboso hard to keep my he above water ♪
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in new orleans the president is talking about the issues with obama care. >> go ahead and make sure that people can get health insure through an expanded medicare. let's make sure we do it. it is the right thing to do it. one of the reasons to do it. i've said this before. sometimes people don't fully appreciate it, we already pay for the health care people that
10:55 am
don't have health insurance we just pay for the most expensive version. what happened is it, the hospitals have to take them. people who are sick wait until the last minute. it is more expensive to treat them. hospitals have to figure out how to get their money back. they jack up the costs and what happens is, you are already paying a hidden tax for a broken health care system. community hospitals struggle to care for the uninsured and it is the right thing to do for the health of our economies as a whole. it is a practical pragmatic reason to do it. the more states that are working together democrats and republicans, the better off we
10:56 am
are going to be. the bottom line, new orleans, we can work together to do these things because we have done it before. we had some advantages nice real estate here in the united states, but what we also had were people who despite their differences, we understand that this country works best when we are working together and we decided to do what was necessary for our businesses and families to succeed. if we did it in the past, we can do it again. let's make it easier for businesses to expand and grow. let's make sure we have the best porses and bridges and schools. let's make sure our young people are getting a great education. let's give everyone a chance to get ahead.
10:57 am
if we do that, if we help our businesses grew and communities thrive then the economy is going to grow faster. we will rebuild our middle class stronger, the american dream will be real and achievable not just today but for decades to come. that is what you are fighting for here in this port and i'm looking forward to working with you. to make sure you keep that up. thank you god bless you. >> what we did not hear was an apology or an i'm sorry. >> he didn't aggress any of the problems with the affordable care act. he talked about the merits and why he believes so strongly in it. he's in new orleans today. it is interesting to note s
10:58 am
senator mary landrey she has been one of the local critics. they had this two hour powow at the white house two days ago. they can see the issues that they are hearing out. >>. >> right, senator said that he had a previously scheduled event in lake charles and pen dunditsd that she is distancing herself. >> we have one minute and 35 seconds before we start our weekend and it is that time of the week now where we like to show you some of the mistakes we made where we like to film our teases. here are some of the behind the scenes moments of us here at hq. >> what yogurt why?
10:59 am
it keeps you skinny. >> and the hearing just wraps alison. >> what is the head line i'll ask you? >> which luckily i am. see you at the top of the hour. lose the coat. >> i'm billy boy hemmer middle man george. >> middle name lane. >> i like it. >> very tropical here. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> three, two, one, action. so, about this website. >> there you are. >> two leading lawmakers are joining us. >> honestly. >> that is some booty. i know you were a fan of the booty. >> too much information. >> tmi entirely. >> it is always great to see bill behind the scenes.
11:00 am
i don't think the general public gets to see the unplugged bill hemmer. glad you are happy with that. >> have a great weekend. >> the real story with gretchen carlson starts right now. have a great weekend. >> tbif everyone. welcome to the real story today. president obama just finished talking health care in new orleans saying he would fix the troubled website himself if he could. saying he is sorry millions of americans would lose their insurance plan. ed henry live with more on this. >> the president was saying that he realizes there is not a lot of bipartisanship on the issue right now. he is down there talking about way to get the economy moving at a brisker pace but he talked


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